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Complementary Services

Enables citizens to obtain residential grants from the government and to exchange the residential grant location with another residential grant location

Exemptions Services

This service enables citizens to have certain exemptions from repayment of due residential loans

Housing Services
Housing Grants

It enables citizens to obtain residential grants from the government to provide an appropriate house

Housing Loans

It enables citizens to obtain residential loans with easy payments and without interest

Residential Land Purchase

It enables UAE citizens to purchase a residential land developed in the Emirate with ready infrastructure for the construction of house on it.


استعلام عن حالة الطلب
Application Status Enquiry

This feature allow users to check their applied Applications Status electronically.

Eligibility Questionnaire

This service allows customers to know pre-qualified services


Providing advice and support to build your dream home - free technical consultation service for UAE citizens


This service will display the land location for citizens on the map with displaying the current and planned social facilities nearby, with the ability to use the instructions feature in google maps to reach the selected land.

Bayti Designs

The Bayti Designs initiative includes various housing designs approved by the concerned authorities for those whose are looking to build their house on the allocated land through cooperation with private sector consultants of reputable and long-standing experience in the field of design.

Loan Calculator
Loans Calculator

This service will allows the customers to calculate the expected loan value and deductible value

book app
Book an Appointment with ADHA

Through this tool, you will be able to book MUSTASHARAK or Regular Appointment. MUSTASHARAK is a free technical consultation service for UAE citizens.

Loans Status

This service allows the customer to check the loan status electronically

Employee Services

Employee Services

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